I'm Vani and a passionate doula!  I moved to the UK from the USA after marrying my husband over five years ago. We now live in Watford, Hertfordshire and are delighted to have welcomed our first little boy at home in 2021 with our doula present.  Our doula was an integral part of our birthing journey and I have renewed passion to pass on the support I was given.  I also suffered with extensive breastfeeding difficulties and postpartum depression/anxiety which has sent me to further my skills and education so that I may support women with similar struggles in the postpartum period. 

I find my joy being in nature,spending time with family and friends, cooking/baking (and eating of course) and in music. I’ve also had the wonderful opportunity to share my love for the arts by teaching children’s violin, dance, and yoga classes!

​My journey towards supporting families through birth and the postpartum period began at a young age by attending births. This led me to enrol in a holistic midwifery degree. During my training, I was given the opportunity to do my midwifery clinicals in India. In the rural village where I was located, our small team ran a birthing practice where we facilitated women from all over the world to give birth their way.

​I also had the opportunity to travel to Bali to meet Robin Lim who was awarded CNN hero of the year. I visited her birthing center Bhumi Sehat to experience her beautiful mission and model of care.

During my time as a midwife and a doula in India and the US I have learned to work in a variety of circumstances, some even without electricity and running water! But the beauty of birth is that no matter the situation, every birth is special and unique. Each birth I have had the privilege to attend has taught me how to be a better doula.  I have supported home births, Cesarean births, water births, lotus births, vbacs, and breech.

The right personal care from your doula can make all the difference in helping achieve the birth experience you envisioned. In my experience, even when the birth and postpartum periods do not go as planned, clients can still be happy with their experiences if they feel informed, supported, and educated.

Since moving to London in 2018 I became a certified doula at BirthBliss Academy under Kicki Hansard who was awarded the title Doula of the year in 2009.  I am also a member of Doula UK,  the largest Doula organisation in the UK.

​I hope to help make a difference in care received during birth and the postpartum period. Every woman deserves to feel capable, cared for, and empowered!

​Now that you know a little about me, I look forward to getting to know you and being able to provide the care you are looking for during this monumental time in your life!


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